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About Us

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About MetaTutorials

MetaTutorials is an educational site for those who want to take knowledge about programming-related tutorials, and want to learn the programs or source codes for the different programming languages. This site is helpful for beginners, programmers, and IT professionals. Our site also provides the articles about computer technology.

How Started MetaTutorials

Actually, this site is developed not by a team, but only by a single person and that person is me.
I am working as an employee in an IT industry from seven years. And, i got much knowledge about programming skills such as Java, Hadoop, Python, and so on. So, I decided to share my knowledge and experience for helping others through Internet. And, at last I created MetaTutorials site for users, so that they get what they want.

Why Choose Us

This site is free and available to share knowledge with all the internet users at any time. Our main aim is to help the self-learners, who are interested in learning the technologies and the coding of programming languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML. 
We tried to keep the tutorial and coding simple and easy to understand for the students. We give the explanation with the coding, so that you can easily understand them. We promise to give you the best tutorials in an efficient and effective way than other sites.

About Me

In 2020, I purchased the domain ‘metatutorials’, through which users can easily access knowledge about programming skills, and learn the programming codes.
If you have any query or request regarding our site, then Contact us via contact form . You can also contact us by sending the mail directly at contact.metatutorials@gmail.com.
I am an Indian and currently working in an IT company from past 2 years. From childhood, I was very much interested in computer field, and was very attracted to computer systems. I keen to learn new things and technologies and implement new ideas. 

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