How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Tips in 2023?

Platforms for video conferencing like Zoom have emerged as essential in the age of remote work and virtual meetings. The whiteboard is one of Zoom’s many features that helps people communicate more effectively. Participants can collaborate, brainstorm, and visually share ideas with the whiteboard feature. In this article, we will investigate significant hints and methods on “How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Tips in 2023?”

How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Tips in 2023?

Using the whiteboard highlight actually can fundamentally work on the elements of your Zoom gatherings. In order to get the most out of Zoom’s whiteboard feature in 2023, here are some helpful hints:

Dive more deeply into the Whiteboard Devices

Prior to plunging into utilizing the whiteboard, pause for a minute to really get to know the accessible devices. Zoom provides a variety of drawing tools, including text boxes, pens, and shapes. Try different things with various choices to settle in utilizing them during your introductions.

Share Whiteboard Window

To draw in your crowd successfully, share the whiteboard window rather than simply introducing it as a static picture. This permits members to see your comments and changes progressively, encouraging cooperation and dynamic interest.

Make Use of Colors and Highlighters

Make use of a variety of colors and highlighters to draw attention to crucial points on the whiteboard. This helps you get people’s attention and makes your ideas look better. Create a whiteboard that is both appealing to the eye and easy to comprehend by experimenting with colors that contrast.

Add Images and Screenshots To Make Your Whiteboard More Engaging

Add images and screenshots to your whiteboard. You can relocate pictures straightforwardly onto the whiteboard or utilize the “Offer Screen” element to show important substance. Your presentations will gain depth and be strengthened by this visual component.

Make Use of Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are an excellent tool for collecting and generating ideas. In Zoom’s whiteboard highlight, you can use computerized tacky notes to assemble ideas or make a cooperative space for members to share their considerations. Sticky notes from participants will encourage them to contribute.

Intuitive Surveys and Tests

Break the dullness of conventional introductions by consolidating intuitive surveys and tests on the whiteboard. The polling capabilities offered by Zoom can be incorporated into the whiteboard. Make the most of this chance to get your audience involved, test their knowledge, and learn valuable information.

Cooperative Drawing Exercises

Connect with your members in cooperative drawing exercises on the whiteboard. For instance, you can begin a round of Pictionary or request that members attract graphs connected with the subject of conversation. Active participation and a sense of community among participants are fostered by this interactive approach.

Utilize Zoom’s Annotation Tools

Markup content on the whiteboard using Zoom’s annotation tools. Annotations can be used to better convey your message by circling important information, underlining important points, or adding arrows for clarity.

Enable Co-annotation

By enabling co-annotation, you can promote teamwork and collaboration. This element permits numerous members to contribute at the same time to the whiteboard. It’s a great way to encourage brainstorming and a sense of ownership among the group.

Save and Offer Whiteboard Content

After your Zoom meeting, make a point to save the whiteboard content for future reference or sharing. Zoom gives choices to save the whiteboard as a picture or PDF record. Along these lines, you can convey the substance to members or allude back to it during resulting gatherings.

FAQs about Involving the Whiteboard in Zoom

How do I use Zoom’s whiteboard feature?

You must be the host or have permission from the host to use Zoom’s whiteboard feature. Select “Whiteboard” from the available options by clicking the “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window.

During a Zoom meeting, can participants make changes to the whiteboard?

Yes, participants can make changes and add to the whiteboard in real time if the host allows co-annotation. This element advances cooperation and dynamic investment.

Might I at any point utilize the whiteboard highlight on cell phones?

The Zoom mobile app does indeed include the whiteboard feature. During a meeting, tap the “Share Content” icon and select “Whiteboard” to access it.

Might I at any point save the whiteboard content after the gathering closes?

Absolutely! Zoom permits you to save the whiteboard content as a picture or PDF document. Simply select the format you prefer by clicking the “Save” button in the whiteboard window.

Are there restrictions on Zoom’s whiteboard feature?

While Zoom’s whiteboard feature is a powerful tool, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. For instance, the whiteboard size is restricted, and assuming that you have numerous members, the board can become swarmed rapidly. Additionally, participants cannot view the content on the whiteboard unless the host makes it available to them.

Is it possible to use Zoom’s whiteboard feature during a webinar?

Zoom Webinars do not yet support the whiteboard feature, but Zoom Meetings does. If you’re facilitating an online class and have any desire to consolidate whiteboard-like highlights, consider utilizing screen imparting to explanation instruments all things being equal.

Final Words

The whiteboard highlight in Zoom gives a virtual material to cooperation, imagination, and commitment during virtual gatherings. By following the tips and methods illustrated in this article, you can expand the capability of the whiteboard to upgrade your introductions, meetings to generate new ideas, and intuitive exercises.

Make the most of Zoom’s whiteboard tools, encourage participation, and experiment. In 2023, elevate your virtual meetings by embracing the power of visual communication!

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