How To Ping iPhone From Apple Watch New Update?

What is an Apple Watch?

Apple Inc. created the adaptable smartwatch known as the Apple Watch. In a fashionable and small wearable gadget, it combines the features of a fitness tracker, a notification center, a health monitor, and more. Apple has enhanced and increased the capabilities of the watch with each subsequent generation, making it a crucial component of the Apple ecosystem. Read to know more about “How To Ping iPhone From Apple Watch New Update?

What Does It Do?

There are several uses for the Apple Watch. It enables users to conduct contactless payments, track their physical activity, receive and reply to notifications, access a variety of apps right from their wrists, and track their heart rate. Its capacity to locate your iPhone is a particularly useful feature, and this is where “pinging” comes into play.

How Does Pinging Work?

Pinging Definition

“Pinging” describes the action of utilizing your Apple Watch to communicate with your associated iPhone and instruct it to respond with a sound or vibration. In essence, it’s a method for finding your lost iPhone when it’s nearby but hidden. A helpful feature that can save you time and keep you from becoming frustrated when you can’t find your phone is pinging.

Advantages of Pinging

Pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch has many advantages, including the following:

  • Convenience: Pinging is a simple and quick way to find your iPhone, especially if it is hidden or in silent mode.
  • Saving time: Pinging enables you to quickly locate your iPhone without having to conduct a laborious search.
  • Avoiding Distractions: Pinging offers a subdued alternative when you’re in a rush or don’t want to bother people by making your iPhone ring loudly.
  • Peace of Mind: The tension and worry associated with losing your iPhone are lessened by knowing that it can be readily found.

How To Ping iPhone From Apple Watch New Update? (Steps Involved)

Let’s get started with the procedures for successfully pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch:

Conditions for Pinging an iPhone from an Apple Watch

Make sure the following prerequisites are satisfied before attempting to ping your iPhone using your Apple Watch:

Your Apple Watch and iPhone are linked together through Bluetooth.

Your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected over Bluetooth.

There is no Do Not Disturb setting on your Apple Watch, and sound is turned on.

For iOS 14 & Above Users to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch

If the conditions are met, follow these instructions to ping your iPhone:

Verify Your Connection

Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and connected. If they are, a green “Connected” icon should appear in the Control Center of your Apple Watch.

Tap The Bell Icon

To reach the Control Center on your Apple Watch, swipe up from the watch face. Swiping up from the watch’s bottom edge will enable you to achieve this.

Select Your Warning Sound

Find and tap the bell icon in the Control Center. The pinging feature will be enabled as a result.

Choose Who Will Be Notified

You may now choose who receives a notification when you ping your iPhone. You have the option of using either the linked iPhone, the Apple Watch, or both. Selecting “Both” will typically ensure that you get both an audible notice on your iPhone and a haptic alert on your Apple Watch.

Send the Ping Reminders

To confirm and transmit the ping to your iPhone, hit the bell icon one last time. It will be simpler to find your iPhone because it will make a sound or vibrate.

iPhone and Apple Watch Pinging Success Tips Update

The following advice can help you get the most out of the pinging feature and achieve successful results:

  • Keep Your Devices Charged: Because pinging uses some power, make sure that both your Apple Watch and iPhone have enough juice.
  • Turn on Bluetooth: Since your Apple Watch and iPhone communicate with each other over Bluetooth, make sure that feature is enabled on both devices.
  • Pinging is a useful tool, but it should only be used seldom because it can be bothersome to other people and deplete the power of your device.
  • Set a Unique Sound: If you frequently use the pinging feature, you might want to think about giving your alerts a distinctive sound or vibration pattern so that you can readily tell them apart from other notifications.


An efficient feature that demonstrates how Apple’s ecosystem is integrated is the ability to ping iPhone from Apple Watch. It offers a stylish answer to the frequent issue of losing your iPhone and guarantees that you can easily and quickly find it in a matter of seconds.

Features like pinging demonstrate how wearables like the Apple Watch are not simply stylish ornaments but also useful tools that improve our daily lives as technology progresses. The Apple Watch’s pinging feature gives you peace of mind and enables you to stay connected to your digital life whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.


Can I ping my iPhone even if it’s on silent or in Do Not Disturb mode?

Even when your Apple Watch is set to silent mode or Do Not Disturb, you may still ping your iPhone from it. These settings will be overridden by the ping, which will sound or vibrate to help you find your iPhone.

Can I ping my iPhone if it’s not connected to my Apple Watch via Bluetooth?

No, Bluetooth connectivity is required for both devices in order for your Apple Watch to ping your iPhone. For the pinging capability to function, both devices must have Bluetooth turned on.

Is there a distance restriction between my Apple Watch and my iPhone that must be met for pinging to function?

Bluetooth typically has a range of roughly 30 feet (10 meters). But depending on the location and any obstructions, the actual range between your Apple Watch and iPhone may be different. In general, it’s advised to keep your devices near together for dependable pinging.

Can I customize the ping sound on my iPhone when using this feature?

No, the ping sound that is produced when you activate this feature is a standard alarm sound. It cannot be altered. On your iPhone, you can change the alarm sound volume, which might make it easier for you to find it.

Can I find my Apple Watch from my iPhone using the pinging feature?

The Find My app on your iPhone allows you to locate your Apple Watch. But the pinging feature on your Apple Watch is primarily made to assist you locate your iPhone. Finding your Apple Watch from your iPhone does not work in reverse.

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