How To Create Passport Size Photo in Apple iPhone 15?

Convenience and accessibility are important in the current digital era. Now that you can take passport-sized images directly from your iPhone 15, the need to go to a photo studio is a thing of the past. This tutorial will show you step-by-step on “How To Create Passport Size Photo in Apple iPhone 15?” and a photo editing app that has this functionality to make passport-sized photographs.

How To Create Passport Size Photo in Apple iPhone 15?


Make sure you meet the following prerequisites before we start:

Apple iPhone 15

The main instrument for taking and editing the photo will be your iPhone 15.

Internet accessibility

To download an appropriate photo editing program from the program Store, you’ll need an online connection.

Any Photo Editing App that Offers Passport Size Photo Feature

Pick a photo-editing program that offers support for passport-size photos. Choose an app that fits your needs and price range from the many available free and premium apps.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

The following steps will show you how to take passport-size images on your iPhone 15:

Select a Passport Size Photo That Is Good

You’ll need a nice photo before you start editing. It’s critical to choose a photo that satisfies the requirements for passport-size photos:

  • Make sure your head is centered and takes up roughly 70–80% of the image’s height.
  • Background: A plain, light-colored background is preferred, either white or light blue.
  • Maintain a neutral expression on your face and keep both eyes open. Try not to smile or frown.
  • Glasses: If you frequently wear glasses, they are typically acceptable in passport photos. But keep the lenses’ glare to a minimum.
  • Head coverings: If you need to cover your head for medical or religious reasons, make sure that your face is still visible from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin.

Download a Photo Editing App

On your iPhone 15, go to the program Store and look for a photo-editing program with functionality for passport-size photos. Popular choices include “Passport Photo ID Maker” and “Passport Size Photo Maker.”

Install the app of your choosing after downloading it.

Crop the Picture

The picture you’ve chosen for your passport-size photo should now be imported into the photo editing program. The software will probably walk you through the steps of cropping and modifying the picture to make it the proper size for a passport.

For accuracy, closely adhere to the directions provided by the app. You’ll typically be instructed to move your head into the proper position, trim the photograph to the necessary size (frequently 2 inches by 2 inches or 35mm by 45mm), and make sure the background is simple and light-colored.

Save the Edited Image

Save the altered photo to your iPhone 15’s photo library when you’ve done all the necessary corrections and it fits the requirements for a passport size photo. Saving both the changed and unaltered versions of the image for future use is a smart idea.

Once again verify that the altered photo accurately satisfies the standards for passport photos, including head position, backdrop, and size.

Additional Tips

Using your iPhone 15 to take passport-size photos is a convenient process, but here are some extra suggestions to make sure your pictures adhere to all the guidelines:

Pick the Proper Background

Make sure your background is a solid color, preferably a light one, and simple to prevent any editing issues. For passport photos, a white or light blue background is frequently accepted.

Prevent Too Much Brightness

Your images may become pixelated if you increase their brightness, and they might not be of the high enough quality to be used as passport photos. Make sure the lighting is natural-looking.

Use a High-Quality Camera

Use a good camera whenever you can to take your pictures. Your iPhone 15’s rear camera normally produces images of higher quality than the selfie camera, ensuring that your passport-size shot is clear and presentable.

FAQs on “How To Create Passport Size Photo in Apple iPhone 15?”

Can I use any photo editing app to create passport size photos on my iPhone 15?

Although there are many picture editing programs available, it’s important to pick one made specifically for passport-sized photos. To make sure your photographs adhere to the requirements, these programs frequently offer templates and instructions.

What are the standard dimensions for passport size photos?

The dimensions of a passport-size photo can vary depending on the country, but they are normally 2 inches by 2 inches (51mm by 51mm) or 35mm by 45mm.

Can I use glasses or a hat in my passport photo?

Generally speaking, head coverings and glasses are acceptable in passport photos, although there are some restrictions. Make sure your face is clearly visible, and try to keep any head coverings or glare from glasses at bay.

Are there any specific regulations regarding the background color for passport size photos?

For passport-size images, the background should typically be plain and light in color, frequently white or light blue. It shouldn’t have any patterns or dark areas that might hide your face.

Can I modify the photo without using an app specifically for it?

Although it is possible to manually modify a photo using built-in tools or basic photo editing programs, utilizing a specialized app for passport-sized photos accelerates the procedure and guarantees that your photo satisfies the requirements.


The ability to take passport-sized images with your iPhone 15 has never been simpler, in conclusion. You may quickly create passport-size images that adhere to all requirements by following the detailed procedures provided in this article, ensuring they are appropriate for a variety of official documents and applications.

You have the tools at your disposal to crop, modify, and improve your photographs to fit the necessary dimensions, background, and quality criteria thanks to the availability of photo editing programs made especially for this purpose. The additional advice offered will also assist you in creating passport-size images that look professional and follow regulations.

You can save time and money by avoiding the need to go to a photo studio for passport-size images by making use of the iPhone 15’s camera capabilities and these user-friendly apps. This ease of use fits with the modern, tech-savvy lifestyle and guarantees that you always have the required photos on hand.

As technology develops, it is enabling people to perform things that were previously within the purview of specialists. Your iPhone 15’s capacity to take passport-sized images is a shining illustration of how smartphones have evolved into useful tools that improve our daily lives.

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