How To Close Apps on Apple Watch iOS 10?

A unique piece of wearable technology known as the Apple Watch has seen multiple revisions, each of which added new functions and features. The Apple Watch becomes even more potent when combined with the iOS 10 operating system, providing a seamless extension of your iPhone’s functionality. Knowing how to effectively shut apps on your Apple Watch when they’re not needed is an important part of managing your apps. The steps to “How To Close Apps on Apple Watch iOS 10?” are covered in this post, along with some advice on how to improve your app management experience.

How To Close Apps on Apple Watch iOS 10?

The procedure of shutting down apps on your Apple Watch is simple. The steps to execute it successfully are as follows:

Access the App Switcher on Apple Watch

By raising your wrist or tapping the display, you can activate your Apple Watch.
Press the Digital Crown button once on the watch face. The rounded button on the watch’s right side is this one.
You may access the App Switcher view, which lists all open apps, by clicking the Digital Crown button.

Identify the App You Want to Close

You will notice a number of app cards in the App Switcher window, each of which represents an open app. These cards are set up in an arrangement that resembles a carousel. To navigate through your open apps and find the one you want to close, swipe left or right.

Swipe Up or Down to Close the App

Tap and hold on the app card of the app you want to close after finding it. The cards will begin to bounce, just like when you move the app icons on your iPhone.

Swipe the app card upwards or downwards while it is jiggling to end the app. The app will now be closed, and you’ll be sent back to the App Switcher screen.

If you want to close any additional apps, follow these steps again.

Tips and Tricks to Effectively Closing Apps on Apple Watch Using iOS 10

Although shutting apps on your Apple Watch is a fairly straightforward procedure, there are a few methods and strategies you can use to speed things up and manage your apps more effectively.

Create Screen Shortcuts for Frequently Used Apps

You can modify the Apple Watch’s app layout to get to your favorite apps more quickly. Go to the “My Watch” option in the Apple Watch app on your associated iPhone. Choose “App Layout” to arrange and group your app icons from there. You can lessen the frequency with which you browse through the App Switcher by putting your most often used apps at the top of the screen.

Group & Organize Your Apps in Lower Screen Area

In the lower half of the app screen, a new feature in iOS 10 lets you group your installed apps. You can alter these groups based on your preferences. You may fast navigate to the app you need without scrolling through the complete app list by grouping your apps into categories.

Forming a group:

  • When an app icon starts to wobble, touch and hold it.
  • To create a folder, drag one program icon onto another.
  • Assign a name to your folder.
  • Drag more applications into the folder to add them.
  • You won’t have to launch the App Switcher as frequently if you utilize these groups to keep your commonly used apps close at hand.


To get the most out of this fantastic device, managing apps on your Apple Watch running iOS 10 is crucial. You can save battery life and keep your watch functioning normally by knowing how to effectively close apps when they are no longer required.

You can confidently use the instructions in this article to maneuver the Apple Watch’s App Switcher and easily close apps. Additionally, you may build a more structured and user-friendly app experience on your watch by changing your app layout and utilizing groups.

Knowing how to successfully manage your gadgets becomes more and more crucial as technology develops. Making the most of this potent wearable technology is easy with these Apple Watch tips and tricks for managing apps.

FAQs on “How To Close Apps on Apple Watch iOS 10?”

Is it important to routinely close apps on my Apple Watch?

Although iOS and watchOS are built to effectively manage app background operations, closing apps you aren’t using anymore can help you save battery and enhance performance. Closing apps when you’re done with them is a healthy habit.

Can I close every program on my Apple Watch at once like I can on an iPhone?

The Apple Watch does not come with a built-in feature to shut all open apps at once. Using the program Switcher, you must end each program separately.

When I close apps on my Apple Watch, does it mean that any data or progress I had made was lost?

When you close an app on your Apple Watch, no data or progress should be lost. To prevent any possible data loss, it is imperative to save your work or progress within apps before closing them.

How frequently should I set up groups and organize my Apple Watch’s app layout?

Your choices and app usage will determine how often you organize your app’s layout and create groups. Whenever you feel the need to enhance the usability and effectiveness of your app navigation,you can categorize your apps and create groups. While some users choose to do this on a regular basis, others choose to do it if they download new apps or observe changes in their usage habits.

Can I use the same procedure to close built-in Apple Watch apps?

No, the procedure outlined in this manual is mostly for third-party apps you’ve installed on your Apple Watch. Messages, Workout, and Calendar are examples of built-in Apple Watch apps that operate differently and often don’t require explicit closing. They should not have an impact on the performance of your watch because they run effectively in the background.

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