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Windows 11 is now available: Should you upgrade to the new operating system?

In this article, we will discuss why should you upgrade your system to Windows 11 operating system. Here, we will also describe the system requirements used for installing the windows 11.
As we know, Microsoft introduced the Windows 11 operating system for consumers on 5th October in 2021. 
It is the first upgrade in Windows after the release of Windows 10. If you are familiar well with Windows 10, then you can easily understand the working of Windows 11 without any difficulty.

Like Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, this operating system is freely available, but it gives a fresh new design to your laptop and computer screen. The design of Windows 11 is more colorful, cleaner, and easier to use than the other operating systems. 

The biggest and most noticeable modification in the user interface of Windows 11 is the new Taskbar, which is present by default at the bottom of the screen. 
This operating system also provides a special feature which allows the users to run Android applications. You can download the android apps via the Windows store and Amazon app store. 

Windows 11 System Requirements 

Microsoft provides the minimum requirements to install Windows 11 on devices. If you have an old device that does not meet the requirements, then you may not be able to install Windows 11. 

The following table shows the system requirements which must be fulfilled when you want to upgrade your system to Windows 11:



1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a 64-bit processor is needed.


RAM (Random Access Memory)

The system must require a minimum of 4 Gigabyte(GB) of RAM to run Windows 11.


Hard Disk Space or Storage

Requires 64 Gigabyte(GB) or more disk space.


System Firmware

Windows 11 requires UEFI or Secure Boot capable system.



This operating system requires 2.0 version of the Trusted Platform Module.


Graphic Card

The graphic card of Windows 11 is compatible with DirectX 12.



Windows 11 requires a display which has a minimum 9 inches monitor with 720p high definition.


Internet Connection

The HOME edition of Windows 11 needs internet connectivity to perform updates and to use some features. Users also need a Microsoft account to set up their systems.

Why Should you upgrade your system to Windows 11?

The only question put up in the mind of windows users is whether they should upgrade their system to Windows 11. 
Following are the various reasons which answering that you should upgrade to Windows 11: 
    • New Design and User Interface: The design of the Start Menu and Taskbar is the biggest difference between Windows 11 and other windows operating systems. The taskbar with centred icons of Windows 11 makes a new design which looks like the Mac interface. 
    • Integration of Microsoft Teams: Nowadays, a good video conferencing tool is more important. So, Microsoft installed Teams directly into the taskbar of Windows 11. If users upgrade their system to Windows 11, then they get the Microsoft Teams application by default. 
    • Integration of Android Apps: We can use Android applications in Windows 11 by downloading from the Amazon App Store or Windows Store. 
    • Better Multitasking: Multitasking is the major part of Windows 11 because it includes the Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. Users can organize their apps by grouping them together using the Snap Layout functionality. 
    • Fast Search: The searching for any application or setting is a bit faster than the other version of Windows. We can easily search in Windows 11. 

Why Should you not upgrade your system to Windows 11?

    • One of the biggest reasons is that your system requires high requirements for using Windows 11.   
    • Another reason not to upgrade is that Windows 11 does not support the Cortana function for voice interaction which is only available in Windows 10.
    • The taskbar of Windows 11 is not as customizable as Windows 10. It is permanently centred, and we cannot align it left or right using any third-party app. 

Upgrade Your System to Windows 11

Before upgrading the system to Windows 11, you have to check whether your system is able to run Windows 11 or not. So, let's start by checking compatibility.

Check Compatibility
If you are unsure that your system meets the requirement to run Windows 11, then you can check by downloading the Windows PC Health Check app from the official Windows 11 Page. 
Once the PC Health Check app is installed on your system, click on the Check now button. The app will give you the result immediately and tell whether your system is able to upgrade to Windows 11 or not. 

If you do not receive the upgrade notification for upgrading your system to Windows 11, then you can download the upgrade package from the following URL: