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About eMudhra

In this article, we will discuss about eMudhra with its uses, advantages, and disadvantages. Here, we will also discuss the technical issues faced by people while using the application. 
About eMudhra
eMudhra is a Certifying Authority which follows the rules and regulations given by the Information Technology Act of India.
It basically issues the various certificates of Digital Signature all over the India since 2008 under its brand ‘eMudhra’. More than fifty million of digital signature certificates are issued under the CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority) guidelines.

eMudhra issues the following three certificates:
1. Individual/Organizational certificates,
2. Device certificates for IoT scenarios, and
3. SSL/TSL certificates.

This Authority offers various solutions to all the Indian customers who require Digital certificates for GST, Income Tax, Banking, Railways, and many other requirements. With this, eMudhra also gives multiple additional services which are mentioned below:
1. Tax Filling Services,
2. Digital Signing and Trusted Time-stamping Solutions, and
3. Digital certificate Authentication system.

The enterprise solutions of eMudhra help more than 500 large organizations in multiple domains. eMudra helps societies and organizations not only to go digital but also to go digital in a secure way.
In India 2021, it is first highest licensed certifying authority, whose share has 37.9% in the market of Digital Signature certificate. 

Uses of Emudhra

Following points describe the uses of eMudhra:
1. It is widely used for transferring emails and messages.
2. It is used for GST Return Filling as well as Income Tax Return Filling.
3. It is also used for TDS and EPF Return Filling.
4. The digital certificate in eMudhra helps in foreign transactions.
5. eMudhra uses the Digital Signature Certificates for providing the high security to our online and banking transactions.
6. eMudhra can also be used to encrypt emails so that only authorized receiver can read it.
7. It uses DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for trademark and E-ticketing.

Pros of Using eMudhra

If you are using the application of eMudhra, then eMudhra provides lot of benefits.  Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Efficient Cost, Time, and Efforts
eMudhra application reduces the cost, time and effort as compare to physical documents. Because you can digitally sign any PDF file or document and send them quickly. The business man who holds the Certificate of Digital Signature has no need to be present physically for authorizing the documents and conducting a business.

2. Advanced Security
eMudhra offers a high security to protect the documents of the government agencies from using wrongly. The digital guidelines of eMudhra easily detects the modifications done by an unauthorized person. 

3. Digital Authentication
The Digital Signature Certificate issued by eMudhra ensures that the signature is genuine and verified.

4. Excellent UI
The eMudhra provides the best user interface so that authorized user can easily open the document and sign within two miniutes. Organization can easily customize their logo with the help of digital signature certificate provided by the eMudhra. 

Cons of Using eMudhra

     • Any change in the guidelines of eMudhra will definitely effect the business negatively. It is the main disadvantage of eMudhra.
     • Another disadvantage is that the users who want to work with the digital signature have to purchase the verification software at a cost. 

Now, we will discuss the technical issues faced by people and how can we resolve them. 

Technical Issues faced by the People while using the application (Troubleshooting)

When people register the Digital Signature Certificates on the websites then they face various technical issues and problems. Two of them are mentioned below:

Issue 1: EmSigner Issue:

The EmSigner is a simple security tool which allows users to encrypt their  e-documents. The people can see the following emSigner error at the time of registration or updation:
“Failed to establish connection to the server. Kindly restart the Emsigner”

If you are facing the emSigner issue then you have to follow the below steps:
Step 1: Install the updated version of Java and Chrome for your OS. 
Step 2: If the emSigner is not installed in the system, install it first using step 3. And, if it is installed, you have to stop the running emSigner server and restart the emSigner as an administrator.
Step 3: Download the newest version of emSigner according to your OS from the following site to register the Digital Signature Certificate:
Digital Signature Website
Step 4: When emSigner is installed, then run emSigner as an Administrator.

Issue 2: Java Issue:

The people can see the following Java error at the time of registration or updation:
“This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0”

If you are facing the above Java error, you have to install Java in your system using  the below steps:
Step 1: First you have to click on the OK button of the dialog box.
Step 2: You will automatically redirected to the below screen from where you can download and install suggested java version.