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What is the Full Form of Love?

Here, we will understand about the Full Form of Love and the actual meaning of it. So, let's start to read to understand it. 

Love is a word which is used by almost everyone in this world, but do you know what the 'LOVE' stands for? We must know about its meaning before understanding its full form.

What is the Meaning of Love?

Love is an intense feeling that humans can experience. 
It is a word which is used for expressing the feelings and affections to anyone and anywhere in the world. The 'Love' can be towards anything, person, food, device, nature, place, and animal. Its experience is beyond boundaries. 

The Ancient Greeks defined the following seven words which express the different state of Love:
  • Storge:- Natural Affection
  • Eros:- Sexual or Erotica
  • Ludus:- Flirting
  • Philia:- Friendship
  • Agape:- Unconditional or Divine Love
  • Philautia:- Self Love
  • Pragma:- Committed, Married Love

Full-Form of Love

As we mentioned above, 'Love' is just an emotion, so it does not have any realistic full form. But, different people create their expansion of love according to their state of mind. From which some of the full form of Love are given below:

First Full form of Love

  L :  LONG - LASTING   

Second Full form of Love

  L :  LIFE' S                                                                                                                
  O :  ONLY     

Third Full form of Love

  L :  LIFE
  O :  OF 
  V :  VERY 

Fourth Full form of Love

  L :  LOSS
  O :  OF 
  E :  ENERGY   

Fifth Full form of Love

  L :  LACK 
  O :  OF 

Sixth Full form of Love


Seventh Full form of Love


What is the Meaning of True Love?

'True Love' is a state when two-person or couples feel happy, attached, and connected. True love is about treating someone with care, admiration, and respect. 
True love is real when there is no lies and cheats between the couples.  

Best Definitions of True Love

1. "True love is when the beauty of the heart enhances the beauty of the body."

2. "True Love is when you care about the small things which are related to him/her."

3. "True Love is when one person in a couple love another unconditionally without expecting anything from him/her."

How to Know if we are in Love?

If we want to know that we are fallen in Love or Not, then some of the following symptoms automatically comes in our nature:
1. If we are fallen in love, then we lost in our thoughts and avoid meeting with friends and other peoples. 
2. When we are in love, then our partner is always in the back of our mind. 
3. When we are in pain then his/her heart will cry. 
4. If we are fallen in love then we will find excuses to talk and stay with him or her.
5. When we are in love with someone, then we spent most of our time with that particular person.
6. If we are fallen in love with someone then we cannot imagine life without him or her. 

Examples of Love

In different situations, the feeling of 'Love' is different to each other. Our love for our parents may be different from our love for something or animal. 
The love between husband and wife can be different from the love between brother and sister, and the boy and girl.

Following are some sentences in which we use the word 'Love' for showing affection and attachments:
1. I love my Parents.
2. I love Holly-wood movies. 
3. I love Dosa. 
4. I love Computers. 
5. I love Travelling. 
6. I love Dogs.