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What is the Full Form of INDIA?

Here, we will learn about INDIA and its full form. So, let's start to read to understand it. 

 "The Official Name of INDIA is Republic of INDIA"
'INDIA' is a South Asian country which is the seventh-largest by geographical area and the most democratic country in the World. According to the population, it is the second-largest country in the entire world. 

Do you know what the full form of INDIA is? When we want to know about INDIA, the first question is whether there is any full form of India.

INDIA Full-Form

As we mentioned above that 'INDIA' is a Country. So, it is not a short form or abbreviation. That's why it has no full form. But, somewhere on the internet or in books you will see some interesting full forms of INDIA. 
Following is one of the most popular full form of INDIA, which you may see on various places:

I: Independent 
N: Nation
D: Declared
I: In
A: August

Peoples also created several full forms of INDIA. Another most popular full form of INDIA is given below:

I: Independent 
N: National
D: Democratic
I: Intelligent
A: Area

How the name INDIA came into existence?

INDIA is a name which is inspired from the word 'INDUS'. INDUS (SINDHU) is a river which runs via major parts of Pakistan country, Jammu &Kashmir in India and western Tibet. 

Around 500 B.C, Persians came to India and pronounced 'S' as 'H', So, the name Sindhu (Indus River) became Hindu
In the 4th Century, Greeks evolved 'Hindus' to 'Indus'. And, in the 9th century Greeks shown  first appearance of INDUS in the old English. Finally, from the 17th century, the name 'INDIA' came into existence.

What is INDIA?

INDIA is a country name which is situated in the south Asia. This country is most democratic in the world whose current population is 1.39 billion (139 Crores). 'NEW DELHI' is the capital of this country and Narendra Modi is the present Prime Minister of 'INDIA'. 

According to the population, INDIA is the second-most-populous country after china in the entire world. And, according to the geographical land area, INDIA is the seventh-largest country. 
This country is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, and Arabian Sea on the south-west. 

India has seven neighbours which share its land borders. Following are the names of neighbouring countries of India:
1. China, 
2. Nepal, 
3. Bhutan, 
4. Bangladesh, 
5. Pakistan, 
6. Myanmar, and 
7. Sri Lanka.

From the year 2020, INDIA has now 8 union territories and 28 states. Following are the name of 28 states of INDIA with their capital: 
1. Andhra Pradesh: Its capital is Hyderabad. 
2. Arunachal Pradesh: Its capital is Itanagar. 
3. Assam: Its capital is Dispur. 
4. Bihar: Its capital is Patna.
5. Chhattisgarh: Its capital is Raipur. 
6. Goa: Its capital is Panaji. 
7. Gujrat: Its capital is Gandhinagar. 
8. Haryana: Its capital is Chandigarh. 
9. Himachal Pradesh: Its capital is Shimla. 
10. Jharkhand: Its capital is Ranchi. 
11. Karnataka: Its capital is Banglore. 
12. Kerala: Its capital is Thiruvanthapuram. 
13. Madhya Pradesh: Its capital is Bhopal.
14. Maharashtra: Its capital is Mumbai. 
15. Manipur: Its capital is Imphal. 
16. Meghalaya: Its capital is Shilong. 
17. Mizoram: Its capital is Aizwal.
18. Nagaland: Its capital is Kohima.
19. Odisha: Its capital is Bhubaneswar. 
20. Punjab: Its capital is Chandigarh. 
21. Rajasthan: Its capital is Jaipur. 
22. Sikkim: Its capital is Gangtok. 
23. Tamil Nadu: Its capital is Chennai. 
24. Telangana: Its capital is Banglore.  
25. Tripura: Its capital is Agartala. 
26. Uttrakhand: Its capital is Dehradun.  
27. Uttar Pradesh: Its capital is Lucknow.  
28. West Bengal: Its capital is Kolkata.  

Following are the 8 Union Territories of INDIA: 
1. Andaman and Nicobar Island, 
2. Chandigarh, 
3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, 
4. Delhi, 
5. Jammu and Kashmir, 
6. Ladakh, 
7. Lakshadweep, and 
8. Puducherry.