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Features of Computer Network

Let's understand each feature of the computer network one by one. 

1. Software and Hardware Sharing

Users can install the software applications on the main server, so the systems connected with the main server can easily access the installed applications centrally. 
So, there is no requirement to install software applications on every machine or system. As same as, the hardware can also be shared between the systems or machines. 

2. Data and File sharing

File Sharing and Data sharing is one of the major features provided by the computer network. 
This mechanism shares the confidential data, information, and files between the multiple systems which are connected via the guided (cables) or unguided (waves) transmission media. 

3. Performance

Computer network provides the fastest way of sharing knowledge and ideas over the network. The performance of the computer network is always related to the response time. 
If the computer network gives the minimum response time then the performance of the network is high.

4. Backup

As we all know that, all the software applications and files shared on the network are always stored in the central location (main server), therefore it is easy to take the backup of all lost or failed data.

5. Security 

It is another big characteristic provided by the computer network. 
Computer network specifies the powerful aspects of security in all the organizations because the data shared on the network should be safe from unauthorized users or hackers. 

6. Reliability

Computer networks are reliable because it provides alternative ways for data and file sharing between the systems in case of failure in the hardware or the case of connectivity problems. 
If there is any failure occurs in the network, then the recovery of data should be fast. 

7. Scalability 

A Computer network is scalable because it allows the users to add new devices to the existing network.