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DBMS Specialization

In the previous article, we have discussed DBMS Generalization. Here, we will learn about the second concept of Enhanced ER model, whose name is Specialization.

What is Specialization?

Specialization is a term of DBMS, which is just like the top-down approach. It is a process which breaks the higher-level entity into two or more lower-level entities. 
It is an opposite process of generalization. In the generalization process, two or more lower-level entities are combined to form a new higher-level entity. 
This concept or process identifies a subset of an entity set which shares few different attributes. 


Let's suppose, there is an entity in the School database, whose name is Teacher
The Teacher entity contains three attributes, whose names are Name, Age, and Salary. 

This Teacher entity can be further broken into three entities, i.e., Math_Teacher, English_Teacher, and Science_Teacher. These sub-entities are the three type of teacher working in the school, and all have common attributes which are associated with the parent entity Teacher.